Thursday, October 8, 2009

womanly pursuits

Bummer. Last night, after Mr. H dropped Lynn off at Awana, he headed out on a youth trip and I got to have a little "mommy alone" time! I went out to Target intending to pick up a curtain for the baby's room that I had registered for (online) earlier. It said that it was out of stock online, but should be in stores. Turns out the curtain has been discontinued. Bummer. It wasn't anything special, just a denim valance. However, at only $10, I figured I could buy it cheaper than making it myself. Since I had time, I wandered the store, specifically the baby section, toy section (looking for a 1yr old's birthday gift... safer to do this by myself vs. with Lynn!), and the home interior section (curtains, picture frames, etc). I think I had my entire home redecorated in my mind with things I saw. Shopping & dreaming... I wonder what gene it is that makes us women enjoy such a thing? :)

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