Friday, October 9, 2009

tooth fairy uncovered

Had an interesting conversation with my six year old daughter this evening. It began with Lynn randomly, suddenly asking... "Are fairies real? Like, all fairies - well, except the tooth fairy! Well, wait, what about the tooth fairy? All my friends say that the tooth fairy is real, but I don't know whether to believe them or not. Mom, is there really a tooth fairy?" I hesitated and she said, "Really... Just tell me."
So.. I said, "No, it's not real... but moms and dads like to pretend to be one and we take your tooth and trade it for money. It's a fun thing that we can pretend and talk about and do." She goes, "YOU would take my tooth?!" (She swallowed her first/only two teeth that she lost so far, so we hadn't had to deal w/ the tooth fairy thing yet. When she swallowed them I guess it never crossed her mind on what she "missed out" on). And that was that. Lynn (although I think most kids are) is pretty black and white. And, I'm pretty much a realist kind of person. Such as, "that's how it is, can't change the past, just gotta pray about it and deal with it." :) I'm all for the having fun, pretending, etc., but if we're having a serious conversation and she asks me for the truth, I just can't lie to her. She's got to know that she can come to me for the truth!
So... with all that said, it sure will be interesting when Christmas rolls around. :)

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Dana Schmoyer said...

I'm not sure if I ever believed in Santa Claus, although we did play Santa. On Christmas morning one of us got to play "Santa" and got to pass out the presents under the tree to everyone.