Saturday, September 26, 2009

Miracle Blanket

Anyone familiar with this product? The Miracle Blanket. Waiting for Happy is hosting her first giveaway and I'm interested in this product! My daughter loved being swaddled, but we never tried anything other than a regular blanket, which we tucked and folded just so to make her a "baby burrito" as my hubby lovingly called her. I would be totally excited to try out a product like this on my new little man.


Dana Schmoyer said...

I didn't try that one, but my mom got me the snug & tug from Target, which we really like, and doesn't look as complicated as the miracle blanket, although, that one looks like it'd be almost impossible for your baby to get his hands out.
Here's a link to the blue snug & tug.

not sure if the link will work.

Anonymous said...

I used the miracle blanket with 2 of my babies, worked great, it's like a baby strait jacket, lol, they we're never able to get out of the swaddle.