Friday, September 25, 2009

4-D, wow!

Say "hi" to my little boy! We had an ultrasound this morning and were in for a delightful surprise when the u/s tech switched over to 4-D! What an amazing glimpse we got of our little man!

(The curly stuff below his chin is actually the umbilical cord - b/c his knees were drawn up, it pulled the cord up into his chin area. In that same area, you can see two elbows pointing out at you and two little fingers up on the side of his head.)

He's (still) measuring a week ahead of schedule and they estimate his weight to be 4lbs 9ozs. He's gained 1 lb. since the last u/s two weeks ago! (At that rate, we'll be holding a 9-pounder by due date!) We're so blessed to see that everything is right on and he's doing great. Fluid looks wonderful and I'll go in on Monday to start the non-stress testing twice per week.

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HDMac said...

Oh my word! Aren't those 4Ds AWESOME! My friend's daughter got them a couple of months ago .... I had never seen them before. Oh.. his face, it is sooooo sweet.... So perfectly formed by our Father... fearfully and wonderfully created... I just love your picture!!!! I am just in awe of them! They make me want to cry... .good tears! :) lol

Big hugs,