Monday, September 14, 2009

g diapers

I was approached about having a baby shower. People have been so incredible to us. I think they are just as excited as we are for us to have this little babe. :) So, I registered last week at Babies R Us. I decided I'd like to try the g-diapers. B R Us sells them along with the disposable inserts. Although you can't find coupons for them like you can with regular disposables, regularly they are about a dollar or two less for a pack of inserts vs. regular diapers, and actually break down in landfills (as opposed to regular diapers). I have a friend that is using them (although she is using them with cloth inserts/another option that I might consider down the road) and loves them. I was able to "touch and feel" one in B R Us and like them.
Any opinions from any g-users out there?

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