Monday, August 17, 2009

Amish Friendship Bread

Just got my first experience with Amish Friendship Bread last week. Now I'm on day 6 and I had to add sugar, flour, and milk. I was a little surprised to reread the instructions and see that I was not to refrigerate it even after adding milk. We'll see...
Our church has a mission team out of the country right now and one of the members gave church staff starter bags before leaving. The idea behind it is to remember the team in prayer while you do each daily step. I thought it was a really neat idea and have been following through on the intent. From what I hear the bread at the end is very good as well :)
Anyone have any experience with this?

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Rebekah said...

It is good bread - I've done it before. I like the idea of praying for your mission team while you work it each day.