Friday, May 22, 2009

keep or consign?

Opinions, please...
As I was overhauling my daughter's room yesterday (see pix in next Tuesday's "Tackle It" post), I packed up a few boxes of toys that she'd outgrown. Now here's the question... Do you think Dora and Diego will still be around in 3-4 yrs. when this next little one is old enough to watch and play with the Dora toys my Lynn has.... or, do I consign them this fall while D/D are still "hot" to get a few bucks for them? (To add... I am in no dire need of toys to have for the next one. Lynn has way too many anyways to pass down and I sure this next one will get new ones of his/her own).
Hmmm... so, what do I do? You think Dora will still be around?

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