Wednesday, March 18, 2009


If you're a pastor's wife (I know there are some of you out there reading this!), go check out what Beth Moore has posted at her site: The Living Proof Ministries blog. She just hosted a conference specifically for PW's. While I didn't get there this year, I have in the past. It was good - smaller & more intimate than her Deeper Still conferences. A week ago she asked for feedback from PW's. What sort of things do we struggle with?... the post I linked to above is some of the responses she got from that post (in video format). They touch my heart, they really do. The Lord has brought us, personally, through some really hard church situations. And what these ladies in the video have to "say" can be so true. If you're not a PW but want a glimpse of some of our (very human, just like any other ladies) struggles, then check out the site. Thanks :)

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Holley said...

Wow, thank so much for this link. That was touching and powerful. I'm going to be sure to share it with others!
I enjoyed your comment on my blog and loved your idea of fitting in little things among the big ones.