Monday, March 23, 2009

at the moment

Monday night rundown...

Watching... 24. Amazed at all the junk Jack gets caught up in.
Relaxing... back in my own couch/house. Been away for a long weekend in the mountains with extended family.
Feeling connected... to the world again. Been away from internet and phone for the long weekend.
Feeling satisfied... I got a few bales of pine straw spread out over my front flower bed this evening after getting home. We had to take advantage of the gorgeous weather - it's gonna get cold and wet again. It looks good. :) Now I just need some flowers, once the weather decides to stay warm.
Wondering... if I need to be concerned about the kitchen knife (not ours) I found in the front flowerbed while spreading pine straw this evening.
Looking forward to... our tax refund due in this week (although it's being put away towards our child's Christian school tuition).
Not looking forward to... going back to work tomorrow. Lots of files to sort through, all due by Friday.
Praising God... for the work He still continues to provide, despite the warning that my job will "run out" soon.
Praying for... our government. Man, I'm just not so sure they're making the best decisions.
Hoping... I can get through to the doctor's office tomorrow (after their computers being down last week and a busy signal this afternoon, I'm wondering if I'll ever get in so I can get my cycle back on track!)
Laughing... at a Dunkin Donuts commercial containing kids being "sucked into" a tv like in a trance, thinking that's what my daughter looks like when the tv's on.
Thinking... that donuts sound good right now.

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