Sunday, February 1, 2009

yum, yum, socks!

OH MY GOODNESS. I was vacuuming and my vacuum just sucked up a sock. Let me repeat that again - I JUST VACUUMED UP ONE OF MY HUSBAND'S SOCKS! That is so crazy. My vacuum is about 10 years old, a no-thrills, standard Kenmore... and it just had the power to suck up a sock (which, I guess, in actuality is pretty impressive and a good thing). How did this happen? Good question. Seriously... I was reaching down to pick up my hubby's socks with one hand and pushing the vacuum over the spot with the other hand. Apparently I did not have both socks firmly in my fingers and zooop, right into my vacuum one went! I immediately shut it off but, um, it's not smelling so good.
My hubby's still at our church Super Bowl party, so he was not home to witness this. In praying Lynn's bedtime prayer just a minute ago, we prayed for knowledge for daddy to get the sock back out! Yikes! :)
Ok, fess up - what's the biggest thing you've sucked up in your vacuum??

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