Thursday, January 15, 2009

people in my life

Spoke with a friend yesterday after finding out that she's now expecting (after 2 12-week miscarriages this past year). It was really interesting to hear her perspectives. She's having trouble getting excited. She has had her first ultrasound, which helped ease some anxiety, however just can't get excited about sharing her news with anyone. Apparently, after sharing the news on her two previous pregnancies, she miscarried the following weekend, so she's a little "gun-shy" on sharing the news this time (understandably). She's conceived quickly after each subsequent loss, so I think her heart is still in healing mode before she can really process the new news. She hadn't really decided it was "time to move on," God just created the new little baby in His perfect timing. Her progesterone levels haven't straightened out and she is so incredibly sick with this pregnancy, which is a new thing for her as well. So, I can see why it might be hard to settle into "happy" mode. If you would, her name is Elizabeth, please lift her in prayer.

We're having company this weekend. Friends from college will be here with their four kids. So... my 1250 square foot home will be overrun with children (or at least it will seem that way) ;) Our friends (& their 1 son) will be staying in a hotel room at night, but their three girls will be sleeping over here with my daughter. Wish me and hubby well. I know it will be a late night of "shhh, girls... go to sleep!" on friday night. :)

I so can't believe it... I missed my sister's anniversary! Mine was Tuesday (!!) and hers was the week before. I got a card in the mail today from her (so maybe she almost forgot too, haha) which is the only reason I remembered in the first place. Ah! Yikes. What a great big sis, hm?

Went out to eat at Red Robin today (man, that place is seriously delicious!) with some of our church's seniors (as in senior citizens). What a spunky group. I had a lot of fun. I spend so much time with our teens, that I really really enjoy the time with this opposite-age group. Titus 2 - the older adults (women, in this particular verse) have so much that they can teach us. I need to absorb more of their wisdom, more often.

Sorry for the mis-mash of "this and that" - not a very exciting post. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

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Rebekah said...

I can relate to your friend's feelings. We had three miscarriages, each at around 10 or 11 eleven weeks. Our little Boo came after the last two. I'll say a prayer for your friend right now (and for you, too - I'm just now getting caught up and I've just read some of your recent posts).

Hope you're having fun with your company!