Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, in a desperate search for the "perfect jean," I left Kohl's last night with three pairs! I got two of one kind and third of another. But, they were all Levi's. I don't recall ever owning a pair of Levi's. Usually I hit an outlet store (I grew up in DE, tax free outlet shopping - the best!) - Gap or Lee Jeans and purchase jeans there. And, I've even snagged some good jeans at Goodwill before. $5 for some great namebrands - even better than my outlet deals!
Either I must be getting old (since I'm just two months away from the big 3-0) or maybe it's because I've birthed two babies, but I kinda like the jeans that come up to my "natural waist." These Levi's 512 are called "perfectly slimming." To me, that also translates into a waistband that doesn't gap open in the back. Woohoo! I have a problem finding a waistband that doesn't pop open in the back, forcing me to wear a belt, which I don't really like to do. It's more snug around the top, which is great in preventing the "muffin top" phenomenon. :) The other thing about these jeans is that they are actually the perfect length. I am in that wonderful bubble between short and medium in length. But, not with Levi's - I am the perfect height for their medium length. Alright!
The third pair I bought aren't on Kohl's website, otherwise I'd link them up as well, but they are more of what I'd call a "trouser jean." A little more straight-lined, come to mid-rise, and longer to wear with heals. I look forward to wearing that style as well.
One gripe before I wind this up - my jeans were all between $30-35 (I can't believe I even paid that much, err!). My husband (who only had to try on about four pairs, as men's sizing is so straightforward) walked away with two pairs of jeans, both under $20 (one was only $13!). Men get the easy sizing and a better deal - what's up with that?!
It was funny... I was looking at the men's jeans and couldn't believe that the Levi's labels actually state their size on the outside patch on the waistline. My hubby was like, "Yeah, they always do that." I so couldn't believe it... they could never get away with that for women (Thank goodness! And just to be sure, I checked to make sure my Levi's were void of size markings!) :)

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