Friday, January 23, 2009

mindless mumurings

Ate an easy meal tonight - hotdogs. Did have something fun for dessert, though. Smores. My grandma gave Lynn a smore maker for Christmas. It's pretty nifty.
why my husband puts mayo on his hotdog. And why my daughter finds it pleasant to dip her cheez-its in ketchup.
Happy to hear about how "Take your Pastor to Lunch" day went at school - my daughter was so excited about him being there and told me all about it today when I picked her up. The report from our pastor was similarly positive.
So thankful that my refrigerator is back up and running. Thankful also to my hubby who tried his best to troubleshoot and solve the problem yesterday.
So blessed to have the youth house with a refrigerator for emergencies! Also blessed to have a repairman here an hour after I called today.
Pleasantly surprised at the new tv show my daughter watched this evening - they sang about "silent e" and read words.
Wasting time on my Project Playlist, but finding it very neat to hear a bunch of new songs.
Shaking my head at my daughter who has suddenly "developed" a cough before bed, insisting she needs medicine.
Need to finish some more work, but I'm much too spent. I think I just might curl up in bed with a book tonight. I'm reading the Twilight series to see what it's all about, since the "obsession" has reached into our youth group.
Enjoying the quiet. Hubby's at a youth event and daughter's in bed in the bathroom then on to bed.
Too tired - closing this one up for the night.

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