Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - bed pillows

To do: Recover 2 throw pillows and 1 chair seat in new fabric, for the master bedroom. I wanted to give some "punch" to the standard, out of a bag, bedding on our bed. Since I needed to get fabric to recover an old chair seat that we got from my parents anyway, I took the plunge and went orange for all three!

Update: (work is still in progress) One pillow down!

Update #2: Two pillows done! (I have to wait on the seat to get some new cushion. The old one is pretty dilapidated.)

Also - check out who else has been inspired for creating! She's using a stapler to make a pillow with some cotton balls and remaining fabric.

p.s. Here's the tutorial I used for sewing these removable pillow covers. I've made these several times (for these same pillows, actually!)

1 comment:

Carey said...

Those pillows are beautiful! And the colors look fabulous with that print above the bed. Good tackle!