Tuesday, December 16, 2008

stage fright

My poor girl. She is so not into being in front of people. Tonight we have her "Arts Night" at school, where those in music sing, those in dance dance, those in art display their artwork. A Christmas show by all the students in "arts" electives this semester. It's a neat idea and I am looking forward to it. Lynn's in music, so her part of the show will be to participate in a few singing numbers, one sign language song, and one song where they all have hand bells and "ring" a song. She has no solos, so these will all be done with the rest of her classmates. However she is very nervous about it all.
She's gone before the church a variety of times with the children's choir and while she doesn't cry, she just stands there and never sings, so we've stopped making her perform in front of church since she's shared her discomfort with us. However, she knows she is expected to participate in her school show. This morning she got teary-eyed about it, saying that she didn't want to go up in front of all those people. So we talked about it a little. I hugged her telling her I loved her and am proud of her for learning all the songs and that I'd like to see her participate. I gave her the idea of looking straight at her teacher the whole time and pretending they were still in class. Then we prayed about it - that God would take away her fear and that He would hear the words she sang tonight, just for Him.
This parenting thing is tough. Trying to balance making them try the hard things, but to respect their individuality/personality. So if you think about it, say a little prayer for my Lynn tonight after dinner. Thanks. :)

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