Tuesday, December 23, 2008

faithful or a lack of?

"How can this be?" Mary asked the angel. (Luke 1:34) Do you think Mary's question demonstrated a lack of faith? This was the question posed to us in my Sunday school class on Sunday.
My answer was "No." I don't think she lacked faith. In fact, I think it showed her humanness. Sometimes, in my opinion, Mary is almost elevated to God-like status. Mary was "highly favored" (Luke 1:28) but not perfect. She was the chosen one to carry the sinless Savior, but she herself was not sinless. I think it is extremely interesting that her first question was "how?" Not "why" or "when" or "you're crazy!"
Actually, I found that being my first question as well. Only my "how" was "How can I do this? I can't. I need You!"
I do think that if we get too caught up in the or the "how's" or the "why's" it can tear down our faith. I think there's a point that we need to move beyond seeking for answers and rely on faith. It's not easy. Mary, herself, demonstrated our human desire for answers. But, she moved beyond the question and and replied to the angel, "May it be as you have said" (Luke 1:38) Let us take the example and simply live by faith.

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