Friday, November 7, 2008

mess? who me?

Just a thought -

"Part of our mess is not knowing we are a mess."
by Mark McMinn, Why Sin Matters: The Surprising Relationship Between our Sin and God's Grace

We think we have it all together. We compare ourselves to the next person, thinking I'm no worse then they are, but in reality we're a mess! A complete, unholy mess that can only be cleaned up by the saving grace of the One and Only Holy God.

I would also change the quote above to "Part of our mess is not admitting we are a mess."
by Mrs. H, Mess, Who Me? blog post :)

Why is it so hard for us to admit when we're wrong? Why is it so hard to be real and transparent enough to show others we don't have it all together? Stained Glass Masquerade by Casting Crowns is a great song that touches upon this. And I'll admit, I'm one that sometimes finds it easier to say, "Hi there. Yeah, I'm doing great. Thanks! See ya later." Problem is too, it's a small percentage of people that are actually willing to even take the time to listen to you if you're brave enough to admit that you don't have it all together. After our tragedy with losing Nathan, I've had so many that have been willing to stop and listen and to that, I've been extremely grateful. I feel like I am better at expressing my feelings now, so when I'm feeling low (or any emotion), if someone is genuinely asking I do try to share my real thoughts and feelings.
On the reverse, I'm trying to be better at reaching out to others and making the time to listen as well. I feel like I'm at a point right now, with my daughter at school during the day, that I can take a few extra minutes to call or visit someone that's had a hardship or that I haven't seen in awhile. It's easy to sit in my own safe "bubble" and focus on my own feelings, but that's not what God calls us to do. I think one of the reasons He puts tragedies, joys, sorrows, mysteries in our lives so that we can learn to lean on Him then share that with others.

So, I ask you - What are you gonna do with your mess? Deny it, forget it, or admit it, ask for forgiveness and move forward with what the Lord would have you to do today?
If you haven't heard Casting Crowns song, check it out and listen. Be real. Help others to be real.

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HDMac said...

Wonderful post. I can so identify with this. And you know? Sometimes we makes messes in our lives because we want to do good, we want to do what we THINK is right but we fail! Try to explain in a nutshell. We put on a face - I am fine! I am happy. I am doing fine, etc. We do this because we have a place of leadership in the church, or something and feel that we shouldn't let any of our shortcomings, disappointments, hurts, struggles, etc., show. Yep, I am just fine. I have a hubby that is a workaholic, 5 children, one with MAJOR SERIOUS special needs but I am just fine! No that was not true! I was hurting inside. I needed the support and understanding of my brothers and sisters in Christ but the "face" was put on! That "face" created messes in my life. I could encourage and comfort others but I never let people see the needs I had for comfort and encouragement and robbed them of that blessing in Christ.

The messes in our lives if not dealt with grow and multiply and if we are not careful they build into a major blowout. It is so important to be genuine before God and before our Christian family.

With the help of the body of Christ, we can work thru these messes and be the person in Christ that He desires.

LOL... sorry... mini preach here! Can you tell I have been thru some messes? :) This is just how your encouragement spoke to me today. I know that your encouragement and thoughts will reach many and hopefully they will take it to heart and begin to untangle the knots and tangles in their ever important lives!!!!!

Bless you, sweetie!!!