Monday, September 8, 2008

Savannah, in pics.

On our recent trip to Savannah, GA, we had the opportunity to take a trolley ride through the historic downtown area. Amidst the bumps of trolley travel, I took tons of pictures, but pulled out five here.

These "mirrored" homes are really neat - kinda makes you do a double-take. In picture format, it looks like I "photoshopped" it.

I just thought this was a neat shot - a single door, along the expanse of wall. Wonder what lies behind it? The ironwork everywhere was amazing as well.

I love these double staircases. They are everywhere on the old homes. Tale goes that it would've been improper for the ladies to be followed up the staircase by men, as their large hoop skirts might allow too much peeking room underneath. So, gentlemen would go up on side, ladies the other.

God gave us an absolutely beautiful weekend, despite the threat of Hanna looming in the distance. You can see the sky in the reflection of the old train station's window here.

This was taken down on River St., along the Savannah River. Neat old cobblestoned road with some weather-worn buildings along the row.

We were also able to spend time on Tybee Island at the beach and hung out with some old friends who live down there. After a sad, disappointing summer that was so busy we didn't have time to even stop and think, we finally got a vacation, some "just us" family time, and had a wonderful time!

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HDMac said...

I SO want to visit Savannah some day.. that is one of my dreams...I live in Washington state so not sure when I will be able to achieve this dream!!! But holding on to it!