Monday, September 22, 2008

My mind wanders...

This was brought up in Sunday School and I jotted it down because I thought it would make a good "Have you ever thought about...?" (Hm, maybe I need to start a days of the week Mr. Linky post entitled that!)
The more we learn about Jesus and grow in our faith, the more our ability to have "blind faith & trust" should also grow. However, it seems opposite... usually the more we learn about something, the more confident we feel about it and we're more likely to use that knowledge to do something or take charge. Take for example, planting bulbs. This fall I want to plant bulbs in my yard. I've started reading about different kinds, where to plant, when to plant, etc. now so that I can be ready. If someone were to ask my opinion on bulb-planting, I'd jump in and give some advice (however a month ago, I'd blindly say, "Ah, just go for it. Sounds good to me" without having a clue).
However, with faith, the more knowledge we have, the less we should use it (or should I say the less we should rely on ourselves and our knowledge). Hm, do you know what I mean? That came out weird. Our deepness of relationship with Christ should show in our walk. Are we being led by faith/God or by knowledge/ourselves? (Maybe I should've just posted that as the question!) :-)

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