Wednesday, September 24, 2008

emotions, so varied

Empty is knowing that today marks four months since my son's death.
Lonely is not wanting to call my best friend because she's pregnant.
Sad is grieving with two friends who just experienced their second miscarriage (these both @ 12 weeks along) - one of whom the two miscarriages happened only four months apart.
Happy is watching my daughter smile at finally learning the art of pumping her legs on her new swing set.
Proud is reading my daughter's first-ever progress report and seeing "outstanding" & "satisfactory" all throughout.
Wistful is smelling fresh cut grass and hearing the lawn mower.
Hopeful is reading Psalm 130 and resting in my Father's care.
Thank you, God, for each emotion. They signify life. A life that so wants to find You everywhere and in everything. Thanks for letting me search and You being at the end each time.

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HDMac said...

Only you can comfort those friends in the a certain way.... because you have walked where they have walked...

Rejoice with your friend who is expecting... grieve with your friends in their loss... and be grateful for God who loves you and them... knowing He has all things in His control.... Such special sharing of your heart with us!.....