Saturday, August 16, 2008


Update: Diagnosed w/ strep on Sunday. Uck.

Well, I feel really horrible today. I don't know what hurts more: my head, my uterus or my throat! Hubby's at a rising-sixth graders event, created to welcome them up to the youth ministry. We have a bunch of them - about 15 of them. This is our biggest rising-group yet and all but three of them are boys. We'll be heavy on the adolescent male hormones!
Anyways, I just googled symptoms of strep and since I'm coughing with my sore throat and headache, I suppose I've just got a cold. The uterus, well, that's another reason and one I'm kinda sad about. I had secretly hoped I'd get pregnant again, right away. But I guess at least my body's going to get into a normal cycle, which will make getting pregnant easier.
Lynn's looking a little better this morning. She, too, has a cough and runny nose (and actually my hubby does too), so we're all just fighting it.
(random shift in subject here) My neighbor's having a yard sale today. I have never, since being married, had a yard sale. In my past experiences with yardsales (growing up) we never made much. My tendency is just to give the extra stuff away. We've moved so many times, that with each move, I donate and clean out. I guess the problem is I never had enough stuff gathered up at one time to try and sell. And, I never have a big enough home to just gather the stuff until I do (no basement, etc). Anyone have good yardsale experiences?

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