Thursday, August 7, 2008

a recipe for being exhausted

150 children + several dozen adults + catchy music + clever crafts + a few wacky snacks = Vacation Bible School. Yes, for my church, it's finally that time! We don't have a youth VBS, but rather our students serve, helping out with the younger kids. So, that means I get to work with the young kids for this event as well. I'm leading the rising-first graders this year. My daughter is just a year younger, so it's amazing to me to see where she'll be next summer. It's been amusing to watch them in rec, passing a wet sponge back and forth with their feet, doing the limbo, and running with flippers on their feet. It's thrilling to hear them ask & answer questions about Jesus. The music, of course, sticks in my head and I wind up falling asleep at night afterwards with the words rolling through my head. But, they are all simple, basic truths and I can't go wrong falling asleep, hearing "I know my God is real... and nothing can change how I feel." I didn't grow up going to VBS, so the experience of being an adult and serving in one is a pretty neat opportunity. How about you? Any memorable moments in your VBS experience (either as a kid or as an adult)?

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