Friday, August 29, 2008

the next child

Celebrating this week with The Pipers over the birth of their new baby boy. They, too, suffered a surprise loss in their last month of pregnancy with their daughter Felicity about a year ago. Molly shared an excellent post that encouraged me. She speaks about subsequent pregnancies, after a loss. I kinda touched on my recent thoughts of this the other day when I read all the stats about next pregnancies. Nevertheless, I believe I am ready to try again. I miss my Nathan and what we could have had, but the desire for another child is still there, as I do not have Nathan here with me. I could not replace him, and wouldn't want to as God has used his death to teach me so much.
My friends are ready to see my pregnant again. They cheer me on in my road of healing and know that my arms feel so empty. I'm not saying I'm pressured, just that they are feeling my sorrow along with me and know of our desire for another child. You would think others might say it's too soon, but the support and love that we have received is heaven-sent, such a blessing.
My sister and I are six years apart and I always said that I wanted my kids closer than that. Well, with our miscarriage and the still birth of Nathan, at the earliest our children would now be about six years apart. Guess it's not really up to me, huh? God knows what is best for our family and I just pray for the next one... in His timing... that my daughter might have a sibling to love, teach, and play with here on earth. So, I guess, I ask for your prayers... as we try for another.

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Marcie said...

I know the anxiety that comes with trying again after a loss... But the Lord is faithful and brings you the comfort and strength that you need. I pray that the Lord would bless you with another child.