Tuesday, August 19, 2008

new Olympic sport?

Went to the mall this morning and got there about ten minutes early, so I just went into the mall to wait for JC Penney's to open. After window shopping for a bit, I sat down on a nearby bench. I'm not kidding, about 50 people mall-walked past me in about 2 minutes! So, with all the Olympic-fever going on, I thought, hm... "What if mall walking was an Olympic sport?" Qualifications: over the age of 65, in singles or doubles, wearing clean white sneakers, and the ability to smile and wave to familiar faces. I'm not picking fun at these folks. In fact, I mean, it's totally smart - the mall is air conditioned, has music playing, no one strolling around (lol, with or without strollers), and there's a great big parking lot to meet in. It's great. I hope I remember the idea in forty years. :-)
So, what's your idea for a new Olympic sport?

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