Friday, August 22, 2008

food, food, food, what a pain!

Ugh. Fridge is bare and payday is over a week away. I think that I got so spoiled this summer... the beginning of the summer we had friends bringing over food after we lost Nathan, then my mom was down and helped plan meals, then we traveled to see family, then we had VBS week and meals were made for us beforehand. Now, school has started and there is no excuse for not planning nightly meals... except that I really do not like to cook. We don't usually waste too much money on eating out, except, well, we've had six meals out (lunches, dinners, and you know, a random milkshake or two) - this week alone! Time to get out the cookbooks (or surf some of those food blogs I see some of yall have linked on your blogs) and buy the ingredients for specific meals. Anyone have any good food blog recommendations?

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