Thursday, August 14, 2008

day one down, day two here

Just dropped Lynn off for her second day of school today. I walked her in and sat with her in the kids' chapel until it was time to walk to her classroom. (The school has a half an hour of drop off "window" of time and as they're dropped off they wait in the chapel until school starts at 7:45). Yesterday we got there at 7:45, but today we were about ten minutes early. She slowly warmed up while we were waiting and started comparing bookbags and lunchboxes with another friend from her class that she remembered from yesterday. Well, finally it was time to walk to the classroom and by that point, she was buddy buddy with the new friend. She walked to her cubby and put her stuff away. She didn't look back and I didn't get a hug goodbye. Usually she's a hugger, so I hope I didn't walk away too soon. Yesterday, she grabbed onto my leg so I wanted to leave today while she was interested in something. I didn't want to stick around too long to cause another leg-hugging scene. So, hopefully it's just my mommyness in worrying over one little goodbye and she sat down at the table and dove right in to the day without getting upset over missing me. I missed the hug, though. I hope she's not ready to give those up yet.

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