Thursday, November 8, 2007

another no...

Trying to "let go and let God" today. We put an offer in on a house yesterday only to be turned down. We weren't willing (able, really) to go any higher, so our contract/offer was declined. I liked this house. It's been on the market for awhile and I thought maybe they'd accept our price, but apparently not. It's in the school district I want for my daughter next fall, not far from our church, and got lots of closet space! I thought this would be the one and how nice it would be to move before Christmas and be all settled in order to prepare for the baby this summer. Well, I guess not. Along w/ the pregnancy hormones, the disappointment was a bit much. So I am working hard at giving it up to the Lord and being content in my circumstances. I praise God for what He has given us and know that He'll guide us through this minor "bump" in our lives.

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