Saturday, September 1, 2007

had to do it today

...for the first time. I guess, really, since darling daughter is four, that's a pretty good statistic. We had to leave an Adventure/Water Park after only 30 mins of being there. She through a huge fit about having to wear a life vest (which was required for all young kids on every ride & pool besides the kiddie pool). So, our 25 min. one-way drive, $6 for parking, praise-the-Lord free tickets, were all lost/wasted because of this temper tantrum. Hubby had at least ridden two water slides and I had gotten my feet wet at the kiddie play area, but that was it. Oh the frustration! But, I hand it to my hubby b/c he made the threat then we followed through with it (and he's a huge fan of water parks and pools). So, our daughter has not been happy this afternoon b/c of the time-out when we got home and loss of tv the rest of the day. Why does it seem these punishments punish us parents worse...

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