Saturday, August 11, 2007

sleepless nights

*update (Sunday): She slept through the night last night! Thank you Lord, I am well-rested, and ready to go to church and worship You!

Uh, I feel like I'm back in newborn baby land. My four-year-old has, for some reason, begun waking up at night. She's a great sleeper, usually, but this past week has been torture. At first she was waking up asking to get a drink and asking to go to the bathroom. Now, it seems she's come down w/ a cough and wakes up complaining of phlegm in her throat. And we just went to the dr. mid-week for a well-checkup with no problems in the ear/throat/lungs areas. She did get a shot, so at first I was wondering if it was because of that (the night/day after the shot, she had a low-grade temp. so I know that made her uncomfortable). She wakes up two to four times a night for all this! This is nuts! I don't know what the best meds. are, but I've been trying just a cough med. before bed to try and help, but apparently it's not. errrr.

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