Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I now have a 30 min. drive to work and have been enjoying it some days and not enjoying it others. So, I am forcing myself to list the positives about it and not dwell on the negatives.
Here goes...
1. I can have quiet-me time. No work conversations, no family conversations - I can think about whatever.
2. I can turn up the radio really loud and sing really loud. This is my favorite positive. :-) Although, after a day at work, I'm usually quiet and reflective and don't feel like singing loud. (I don't know why, I've just noticed that's usually the case).
3. I can pray - this is what I should make a conscious effort to do. (I find that I usually do this in the morning part of my commute more often than the way home).
4. I can listen to sermons for the weeks that I've missed lately. I have been traveling, on mission trips, etc. this summer and have requested some cd's for the sermons I've missed. I look forward to popping them in some time.

Anyone else have a long commute? What do you do?

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Kim said...

I'm here visting from the blog-a-bration. I have a 30 minute drive to work too. I love having that drive time to let my mind wander to whatever random thing I want. That is my "me" time and I don't let myself stress about work, family, the house being a mess or anything else in that time. It's a good chance to get lost in your own mind.

Kim @ TheBitterBall