Sunday, July 15, 2007

photos blogroll

Been catching up on some blogs lately and some people are taking some great vacations this summer and coming back with BEAUTIFUL photos. Since I don't have any to share, check these out:
Young Pastor's Wife (she went to Niagara Falls on a, sigghhhh, overnight getaway w/ her hubby, lucky duck!)

Life is Like a Lunchbox (she went to San Francisco, but also has a bunch of other nature photos - she got a great new camera and knows how to use it!)

(when I find more, I'll link them)


Amber said...

Unfortunately I'm in the same boat with you, no vacation:( But, I can't really complain, the summer in NC (where we just moved to) beats the hot and humid weather of Tallahassee. That in itself is like a vacation. I'm thanking the Lord for the 4seasons which I will once again be able to experience!!!

God Bless,

Nan said...

Thanks so much for the link! You are so sweet!