Tuesday, January 3, 2012

evaluate, resolve, change?

Wow - those two weeks flew by in a flash! Usually by about the second week, after the Christmas excitement has worn off, this momma is ready for school to begin. I have to say, though, that because my daughter's two weeks of vacation were filled with family (i.e. lots of distractions), I really enjoyed the time with her and everyone. (That was a really selfish sounding statement, but just being honest). I think, this year, we had a terrific balance of extended family, our own family, and even some quality "alone time" for each of us just to have our own space. Two three-day weekends (with another one around the corner due to the MLKing holiday) allowed my hubby to have some downtime as well, even though he wasn't able to take any additional days off.

So now it's a new year... I don't really do the whole "resolution" thing, but I do think there is value in evaluating our lives/routines, and seeing what needs changing. Our pastor spoke from Romans 12 this weekend and pointed out that when Paul said not to be conformed to the world, it's not necessarily a conscious choice, whether we choose to be effected by the world - we can't just say "yes" or "no" - but, honestly, we are always being worked on by the world. It shapes us, but our choice is in regards to how much. Will it skew our focus, change our priorities, and lead us to set up idols in our lives? In that regard, I think it's important to be aware - to evaluate our priorities and make changes where they are needed. If you choose to call those resolutions, then that works. A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Usually those things that we feel so passionate about are the things that we succeed in changing. I hope we do feel resolved to change... just maybe more than exercise and organization...

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Alene said...

I love Romans 12. I claim verses 1 and 2 as my life verse. Thanks for the reminder to live my life as a holy sacrifice. Blessings.