Monday, September 26, 2011

fall stylin'

Pinterest (or should I say Polyvore since that's where most of my style board has been pulled from) has been a fun way to browse styles and outfit/accessory ideas. I wouldn't say that I have been online shopping based upon what I've found and liked, but it's helped to identify some style ideas that I like and want to keep an eye out for (in stores that I frequent locally).

My biggest "want" items for this fall-winter-spring are cardigans and scarves. Those have been items I've been splurging on of late. Two of my latest finds have come from Target actually. I picked up this today (in two colors, but one's gonna have to go back, once I get hub's opinion or I make up my mind!).
I have found that cardigans' sizing, in general, are tricky for me - I don't really like the ones that have a lot of gathering hanging in the front (I'd rather add a scarf to do that). Most tend to be a bit on the long side for me too. I tried a few on and actually found out that a petite size tends to work better. So I'm trying to decide if I should order a petite size of this one online or if I like the way the ones I bought fit. Decisions! ;)

A few weeks ago I bought a scarf that looks like this (but I can't find the actual one to link to in order to show you):
The one I got is a burgundy in color. Most of my other scarves are thinner, like the one below (from Kohls). I have a deep royal blue tank (+ white cardigan) and a peacock/teal color tank (+ brown cardigan) that I wear this one over. I wore it this weekend at the Women of Faith conference and it was great because it was chilly in the arena, but I could de-layer when walking outside in the humid air.
What can I say? They are pretty versatile!

What's been your latest clothing find? What's on your wishlist for the fall?


Anonymous said...

The scarf is fantastic! Nice color and looking very pretty, thanks for the share!

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