Wednesday, July 13, 2011

status report

Kinda drawing a blank today as I sit down with Blogger before me. It's one of those emotions-are-all-over, thoughts-are-swirling, almost-"that"-time kind of days, but I just can't seem to nail them down in anything that makes sense.

Maybe I can make this a "status report" of sorts, as several bloggy friends do each month.

... at the desk. Most days I blog using our iMac desktop. It's newer... and faster than my laptop.

Ready... for some break to this heat. The past few days have been scorchers. "They" say it should cool down (mid-80's vs high-90's) the next two days.

Choosing... coffee this morning instead of hot tea. I've become addicted to hot (loose) tea, after being introduced by a friend. However, after going through the bills, and over our previous purchases, last night, hubs wasn't too pleased to see how quickly I have been going through the stuff (lol, he's right...). So, I'll have to stretch out my supply and drink some coffee (that we already have in the pantry). It's funny how I've become accustomed to tea now, though. Coffee is certainly stronger and thicker. (Which I like in the winter, but is almost too much for summer).

Looking forward... to the rest of the summer. Lynn has an art camp next week and then more family visits, and some fun church activities mixed in there as well. A formal vacation is not in the budget this year, so we'll just make use of things going on in our area. Plus, we've got a camping trip planned for the fall when it cools down.

Struggling... with grocery budgets and meal plans. Ugh. God did not make me a chef, but I know it's part of my responsibilities so I need to quit whining and own up to it. ;)

Satisfied... with my yardsale results. For just selling odds and ends, we made enough to cover Lynn's birthday (roller skating) party and cake later this month. God has been so gracious to cover our needs and some of our wants since the pay cut/job loss 1.5 yrs ago.

Praying... for my daughter (& son's) souls... it's been so heavy on my heart lately... the lostness of my children, especially my almost 8 year old who has been making some mean-spirited choices lately and battling nightmares.

Reminded... we are never too far from God's grace. He abhors our sin but yet gathers us close, covering us with His mercy and forgiveness. Unmerited favor from a God that loves us unconditionally. It blows my mind!

On that note... ;) I'd better move on. The kiddos' tv time is up which means mommy's blog time is done as well!
Happy Wednesday!

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Rebekah said...

I really like loose tea best as well, but I can't always find it here and can't always justify ordering it, budgetwise. Still, I like tea-bag tea also....and I think I'm on the verge of giving up coffee. Just not liking it as much lately.

My constant struggle with grocery budgets/cooking, is coming up with WHAT to cook. I get in ruts and need to be more enterprising, I think. While keeping it in budget. Ugh.

Praying for my children has been heavy on my heart recently also, I certainly understand what you're saying there.

Enjoyed reading your status report! Oh, and I usually read your blog in Google reader, so I haven't actually visited in person recently - I really love your new look! I probably am woefully late to the party, I don't know when you changed it, but, looks great!