Wednesday, July 6, 2011

garage sale

Garage Sale. Do those words strike fear or excitement in your heart? Well... in mine right now, they strike excitement. All closets are fair game for my cleaning-out, motivated little hands (haha, my hubby is shaking his head right now... hoping I haven't gotten into his closet yet!)

I don't expect to make much money, but it's a great venue to get rid of stuff that has no use to us. Being an avid consignment sale seller (& purchaser, lol), I figure a yard sale might be a way to sell my non-children items. (For those not familiar, each spring and fall, our area goes into consignment sale mode. Church preschools and schools host consignment sales in which baby & children's clothing, toys, room decor, etc. can be consigned. The hosting preschool gets 40% of the proceeds, with the consigner receiving 60%).

Pricing... what a stinky pain. Little stickers, assigning value to your items, knowing full well that people will haggle... (I am not into haggling, uck).

So, what's been your experience? Have any tips for me? We set up "shop" early this Saturday morning! Several friends are going in together and we're having one big one. Hopefully that will help draw a crowd of buyers!

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