Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since this past weekend was Father's Day, I thought I'd use a photo of my hubs "in action" as a daddy. The photo was actually taken over Memorial Day weekend, when we stopped at an historic shot tower, circa mid-1800's. As evidence of all the shadows and light, it was mid-afternoon when we sweated our way around down the trail (that didn't lead to anything having to do with the Shot Tower, but I digress...).
It was a sweet time, exploring a new area. ;)

My fantastic hubby took Lynn camping this past weekend, just the two of them. I'll have to post a photo he took sometime of the area, but it was sooo fun seeing the sparkle in Lynn's eye and hearing her talk about all that they did together. It was a little bit of work to make it all come together, but even when a storm threatened to send them home, they stuck it out and made some wonderful memories together. Precious!

Sweet Shot Day


Susan said...

Oh what a neat shot!!

Hope you have a blessed day♥

Leigh Erin said...

such a beautiful shot!

Lisa said...

Sounds like just one of those wonderful days.

Great Shot!

Mimi said...

Beautiful! I think changing it to sepia really brought out the subjects

ana.gr said...


julie said...

VERY sweet shot! :)