Thursday, April 28, 2011


Almost to the conclusion of "Operation Change our Routine" -- aka the week in which mommy gives in and stops trying to force her almost 18 month old into taking two naps when there is clearly no interest.

So... he is adjusting much better than I am, although by today, I took it in stride. I admit, I had a sweet thing going. The "usual" rountine had been for him to wake (naturally) around 6:30... eat, play, blah blah... go down for first nap 9:30 (when I then sat down with my cup of coffee, a granola bar, and my Bible. I really really really loved this time. It wasn't too long to wait for coffee and to be able to do my quiet time before my chore or my play-on-the-computer time, was just perfect)... he woke at 11:30/12 and we ate lunch together... fast forward to picking up Lynn from school at 3... Zane would then lay back down after we all ate snack, around 4 for about 30-45 mins... perfect to have time to work on homework with Lynn! Bed around 6:30-7p depending on if that last nap happened or not. Yes, my boy needs his sleep. Because when he gets it, he is an all around happy little boy :)

But, alas... (can't you just hear the dramatic sigh...) all good things must come to an end. ;) So, now our routine is more like wake (naturally) around 6:30... eat, play, watch Elmo, play, then eat early lunch at 11... naptime from 11:30-1:30/2:30 (Mon & Tues he slept til 2:30, Wed & today awake at 1:30, guess it'll just depend on his little body's needs)... get Lynn at 3, snack, play, blah blah, dinner, bed at 6:30-7p.

Shew. I feel tired just reading all those activities and the timing involved. Funny how, as a mom, your day is defined by your child's schedule (and those precious minutes of naptime!) ;)

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