Saturday, April 30, 2011


I enjoyed a walk downtown Friday night with my husband and son. Lynn was spending the night at a friend's house which left us as a family of three for the evening. Zane and I met Mr. H after work (he works downtown), where we loaded Zane in the stroller and headed towards the upbeat, lively downtown city blocks. My hubs, so kindly taking over "stroller pushing" duty, left me hands-free to use my camera. We enjoyed a live quartet (playing for the opening night of the "Oklahoma" production being put on by a local college), grabbed a quick bite to eat at a sandwich shop, and peeked in storefronts and restaurants, checking out menus for future date nights. The streets were busy! Honestly, it was great to see life in the city, although it was a bit out of my natural "comfort zone."
I snapped a few shots during our walk, but was most intrigued with the architecture of a large, old Methodist church, that dates back to the Great Depression era, which we strolled past closer to sunset. Here are two photos that I've processed from last night.

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