Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Funny how the phrase "change of plans" can mean things don't change at all.
Our journey towards Army Chaplaincy has come to an end. We received word this week that my hubby was disqualified due to medical reasons, specifically pertaining to the near-fainting episodes he had twice last fall. Those two "near syncope" (medical jargon) episodes were completely uncharacteristic of him. He is the one in our home that is always healthy and always has been. Even after all the ER run tests (echocardiogram, EKG, blah blah) came back normal, and even after being cleared by a cardiologist, he was disqualified.

What is so crazy to think about, in the grand scheme of God's sovereignty, is that those two episodes might have occurred for this very reason alone: God didn't want him in the military. He has somewhere else to use him/us and most likely, He's still got some things to teach us out of this. Hopefully our stubborn selves will be open to what that is. Sooner rather than later. :)
So while we are "ok" with the shut (no, slammed) door, it means we are back to square one. We are back to envisioning our future as this big, huge question mark once again. We have been praying and thinking Army for awhile now and had come to grips with the pros & cons that occupation would have meant. Now, however those thoughts are replaced with a gaping black hole. Or, if you're a "glass half full" kind of person (which generally I am), it's a large piece of paper, waiting on the Author's pencil to write the words down. (That sounds a little more positive, doesn't it?)

So while this decision changed our plans for the future, in everyday life it really means nothing has changed at all. We sit and wait... I thought the Army was all about "hurry up and wait," but turns out our Sovereign God requires the very same of us. For now.

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Matthew said...

what a great post... I could not have said it better... lets keep on dancing through the minefields!