Thursday, March 17, 2011

camera straps

Researching, researching... you know, I am spending a bunch of time looking into various photography items that I thought "who knows..." maybe one of yall would be interested in some of this info as well.

Right now, I'm looking at various straps, with my greatest need being something that is practical for (light) hiking.
Here's what I am finding... there are things called holsters and harnesses, but that's a little much for what I want. Since I am usually carrying my camelbak pack (or my son/Ergo), I don't want another thing wrapped around me. But, they do make something called backpack straps. From what I see, there are two main brands with them: Tamrac & Op/Tech USA. They hook right onto your backpack straps and put the weight on the pack vs. around your neck. Most people will then use their backpack chest straps to hold the camera from bouncing on a vigorous hike.
These brands both use the "quick release" idea, where you can unclick the camera from the backpack straps and hook it back onto a regular neck strap. Pretty cool! They have different kinds of connectors that hook them on your backpack, though. For me, I think I'm going to need the Tamrac. I have loops on my pack, not a strap that could use the type connector that slides through a strap. I know that probably doesn't make any sense, but inspect your individual pack before you purchase. One will be certain to work better for you.
So now that I have a brand picked, I've been looking into which neck strap to purchase. That is just individual taste, plus it'll be a function of price as well for me... Also to consider: I already have a camera strap cover, so maybe I'll just pick a plain one and use my existing cover or maybe I'll get a new cover. Mine doesn't have a lens cap holder and I could really use one of those! I like either of these, made by etsy sellers Misty Days & A Diva & 3 Dudes.

On a totally different idea... I like camera slings as well, although I don't see them being practical for hiking...
Here are the "big namers" that I have found in this line: Black Rapid, Luma, & also OpTech/USA. (Here is a great comparison of the Black Rapid & Luma Loop). So the next thing to investigate is whether Tamrac has that and if that's another thing I want to purchase or maybe get that vs. a neck strap...

So many decisions! If you have a dslr, how do you carry it? Do you go hiking? What do you use for carrying it?

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