Monday, February 28, 2011

Where I am in my "next 30"

About to turn 32 in a week or so and it leaves me reflecting over the past year (or two). As Tim McGraw lead us to think about with his song, "My Next 30 Years," I wonder how my life has already started to change - am I acting upon any "convictions" about what I'll do in my next 30?
Well... before this post turns too serious, I did find a few ways my eating habits have changed since my younger days... you know, my twenties.
The number one thing that has changed about me from my 20's to my 30's is the enjoyment I find in drinking coffee! "About time," some would say, but all through college and even into marriage, I just had no taste for the stuff. My "all nighters" in college (ok, the one time) was sustained with chocolate m&m's and good ole H2O. Really, I just didn't care for many warm liquid drinks. That left me out of the loop of hot chocolate drinkers, soup slurpers, and the hot tea connoisseurs. Well, at some point after the birth of Zane, apparently something straightened out and I can't go a morning without the stuff. We were given a new Keurig brewer and it was off and running after that!
Call me a big girl now, but other foods I now enjoy are (granny smith) apples and onions... just not together. ;) I grew up with a dad who couldn't eat onions, so therefore my mom never cooked with them. I have finally found out that I like them in casseroles and meals! Green, white, red, minced, powdered: I'm on a roll, lol.
Granny smith apples... if I had known that there were apples that weren't so "blah" I probably would've been eating these forever. Red delicious, gala, golden, fuji... none of them give me the "wow" factor, that overwhelming urge to grab an one to snack on. But after being gifted a huge green apple smothered in caramel and mini chocolate chips by my mother in law (thank you, J!) I have found a new love. Mmm mmm. I will even eat them without the caramel and chocolate (although they taste even better with them ;)
Let's see, what else? Hm... how about ways I haven't changed... I still haven't broadened my beverage preferences (besides coffee). I pretty much just drink coffee, water, and the occasional Pepsi product. I don't care for iced sweet tea, lemonade, juices, or (hangs head in shame) milk. I also still haven't grown up too much in the vegetable department. Well, I take that back. I will try just about anything if someone else has prepared it, but as far as cooking myself, I haven't experimented outside the "typical" veggies of broccoli, beans, corn, carrots, etc.
Funny about the stuff you realize. Momma always said, "Just try it. You might like it." She was right - just a few years too early. ;)
Any confessions from you? What eating habits changed when you crossed the big 3-0? (Or, if you haven't, do you have any predictions?)

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Courtney Kirkland said...

Ohhh Granny Smith apples with Caramel and Peanuts are an absolute FAVORITE of mine. :-) I don't care too much for onions either...unless they are fried and come from Outback. I adore coffee. Always have. Even when I was little. LOL I remember my grandmother always drinking coffee from a bright green mug with milk and sugar...which is exactly how I drink mine [minus the mug]. Such a great post. I'd love to read more about what you plan to do different. Thanks for linking up today!!

Courtney said...

Gotta agree with the coffee. I never drank coffee in my 20's but cant go without it now. Great post! I'm nearing my 40s. EEK.