Friday, January 28, 2011


Feeling a little soul-weary today. Not really sure what the cause of this disquiet is. Thanks to a friend and I agreeing to hold each other accountable with a daily text asking if we've completed a quiet time for the day, I have had consistent time with the Lord each day this week. I'm ashamed to admit, it's been quite some time since I've done that for a solid week without missing one day. The renewed time in the Word has given me such energy and peace each day. I've also been working from home a bunch this week, even taking Zane to a babysitter/friend for most of the day on Wednesday to crank out some more hours. The result will be a nice paycheck next week, to either pay off one of the medical bills completely or to pay off our cars' property tax bill that came in time to say "happy new year" to us. We are trying to sell a car, but right now currently own three cars (of various ages) and that means three times the tax bills and registration renewals, etc. As of yesterday, for some unknown reason, my hand-me-down touch cell phone has decided to quit working on the touch end of things. I can still use voice command to make calls and can push the button to accept an incoming call, but reading and sending texts has become non-existent. Sigh... and it was such a cool phone. Having used an old Tracfone for years before upgrading to a "real" cell plan (courtesy of getting on my dad's family plan a few months ago), this is the best phone I've had in forever. Anyways, not sure where the weariness is coming from. Maybe I'm just ready for the weekend? The weather is supposed to be unseasonably warm and we'd like to get out as a family and go on a hike at a nearby nature area. I'm hoping that all comes together, as we are known to not follow-through on our "let's do this" plans... I think it'd be good for all of us to get out. Winter blahs are hitting, although thankfully we just escaped by with rain during this last snow-dump this week. Shew!
If I have time this weekend (after our hike), I hope to fiddle around with the look of the blog. It's a little "blah." While my blog's not flashy and doesn't look the most cutting-edge, I do appreciate you stopping by and continuing to read and comment. :) Have a great weekend... and thanks for listening.

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