Friday, December 10, 2010

the "i love you" sign

A certain (online & now brick-and-mortar) shop came to mind the other day...

I was dropping my (2nd grade) daughter off at school and treasure that she still gives me a kiss on the cheek when parting ways. We also use the "I love you" sign often, usually when her daddy takes her to school, as they're pulling out of the driveway, we sign to one another. I will never forget that when she was in kindergarten, during her Christmas show, during a pause between songs, she caught my eye in the audience, shyly hid her face behind her hand, and signed "i love you" to me. OH BE STILL MY MOMMY-HEART. I melted. It was just her and me at that moment.

Erin, at The Vintage Pearl, has a sign language "I love you" necklace... I admire all of Erin's work, but think this would be especially meaningful for the two of us. I don't ever want Lynn to lose that childlike sweetness!

After spending time together "rekindling" our mother/daughter relationship last weekend, a gift like this would truly be treasured by both her (and me).

If you like Erin's work, she's now giving away 5 $50 gift certificates on her blog!


Brenda said...

Enjoyed looking through your blog. I seem to relate to you in a lot of your posts. Stand Firm has stood out to me so much in the Scriptures. I even did a post on it also. I love taking pictures and read everything I can trying to learn.
Keep up the good work.Brenda

Jennifer said...

Hey! Just randomly found your blog while browsing Blogger. :) That's so cute! I wonder when I'm a mom if I'll have kid do that. :)