Friday, November 12, 2010

National Adoption Month: photo opp.

Last week, I had the most emotional photo session I have ever shot… this sweet little boy was born in central Africa. I don’t know the situation surrounding his birth and short little life thus far, only that he was an orphan, until being adopted by an incredibly sweet family. Fellow youth pastor friends, this family contacted me about taking photos at the airport, when the husband was to arrive back in the states with their new little man. A bit intimidated at the idea (after all, I would only get one chance at this event, as you can’t rebook a welcome home party if the photos don’t turn out!), I accepted knowing that it was an amazing opportunity to be a part of something like this. A crowd of about 50 people waited for an hour for this little guy to arrive. Regulations were being strictly enforced by airport security, but his new mommy, sister, and brother waited patiently at the end of the hall for their new baby boy, and the emotion was tear-worthy when their dad came around the bend.
I think the thing I enjoy most about family photography is the act of getting to know people with the challenge of capturing their family relationships on camera. This event was all of that and more. This welcome home represented a year's worth of hopes, dreams, hard work, adoption education, forms, and prayers that it took to get him here.
This month is National Adoption Month. Although I can not speak from personal experience, I have known many families that adoption has touched and I have seen the precious bond that builds between a child and his adopted parents. If you have any thoughts or interest at all in adopting overseas or locally, seek out more information. There are so many children that need a family and place to call home.

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