Thursday, March 11, 2010


Now that my little man is 16 lbs, that infant carseat is quite a pain to tote around. Because there is a consignment sale this weekend that I am putting stuff in, I was thinking I could consign the infant carrier and stroller combo to get rid of it/free up some storage space (I barely used the stroller at all with Zane). We have a Graco convertible carseat, an inexpensive model, from our daughter's early years. We tried it in the back of my car (Mazda 6 sport wagon) and it's ridiculously huge. It won't fit in the middle with my daughter's booster next to it and when it's on the passenger side, the front seat is way up in the dash. I'm not sure if the seat is huge because of age or my backseat is just small. So, I've been searching websites and reading reviews and found these two: Britax Roundabout and the Combi Coccoro. Anyone familiar with either? They both sound like they are small enough to negotiate back seats, yet safe enough to house my 4 month old.

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I don't have any experience with those two car seats. We've used the Costco Alpha Omega seat with all three of mine. It's pretty narrow which is nice, but takes up a ton of room length wise when facing rear. So this last baby we used the Graco Safe Seat and LOVED it. It's a slightly larger version of the regular Graco infant seat and it fits up to 30lbs so it will fit them till a year+. I really think it's the most compact rear facing for an older baby option you have. We got ours new from our babyshower, but I sold it on Craig's list for $50. That how much all the other ones were going for too. We never took the safe seat out to carry around, he was always in a carrier, but we could have if we wanted to! I like you never used the stroller much at all with him till he was about 18 months and content sitting in one! Good luck!