Thursday, January 28, 2010

chapter books

Last night, Lynn and I were reading together from a chapter book. Our latest is James and the Giant Peach. With some editing (my, those aunts are evil!), she's been enjoying the fanciful idea of living inside of a giant peach.
I also just ordered a few books from Children's Book of the Month Club (via and am excited to see how Lynn will like them. I got a trio of books by E.B.White (Charlotte's Web, Trumpet of the Swan, & Stuart Little) as well as a set of Ramona books by Beverly Cleary. I remember reading Cleary's books when I was younger, but have no recollection of them now except that I liked them. I hope they're good! :)
Some of the newer series' that Lynn enjoys are Junie B Jones and Nate the Great. We've gotten several of these out of the library and have enjoyed them.
Do you have any recommendations - new or classic? What chapter books do you read to your child?

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Rebekah said...

We loved reading The Chronicles of Narnia with the boys. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is funny and easy to read aloud, too. Treasure Island...but it's pretty old fashioned language and I had to explain a little as we went along. The Marvelous Journey of Edward Tulane was good, my son's teacher read it at school and he requested it here at home. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A Little Princess (but I had a hard time not crying during part of it while we read together) - one of my favorite books as a kid and I read it over and over. Caddie Woodlawn.

Just a few we've read together. We haven't had as much time to get back into our reading lately with both boys having basketball practices on different nights, but they are asking to get back to it. We're reading Inkspell together (second book in the Inkheart trilogy), but I'm a little wary because it's kind of a weird story and the book's dealing with death is strange....I keep reminding them this is just a made up story. They're old enough they know that, though.

Have fun! It's so much fun when they beg for just one more chapter please.