Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday - craft closet

To do: (inspired by Heidi's last "Tackle" at Blue Eyed Blessings)
Clean out and organize the craft closet... I have stuff in the future baby's room (it used to be our art/scrapbook room) that needs a new home. Somehow it will have to go into the craft closet!

(the closet, "before," not being utilized fully)

(stuff to put in the closet, in the baby's room - gonna consign the bookshelf to get that out of there too)

Outcome: Done! Pretty much my leftover scrap stuff (getting out of this hobby) on the top shelf, along with yarn and my Knifty Knitters. Second shelf down is my gift box (I grab clearanced kids' toys, etc when I see them to stock up for birthday parties) along with gift bags and wrapping paper. Next shelf down is for board games. Lynn has space in her closet for her games, so these are mostly adult/older board games. Next one down actually holds more gift stuff in a box: ribbons, Christmas-specific bags, etc. along with a spare fan that we sometimes pull out. That leaves the floor for my sewing stuff: machine, sewing box, as well as a container full of scrapbook paper that is fair game for whoever has a paper/craft need. I also store some extra fleece throws in this space for grabbing if we get cold. I'm happy with what I got in there (and what I cleaned out and trashed from there!) The baby's room has considerably been decluttered. Now I just have to wait for the consignment sales to get the rest of the stuff out of the baby's room. Then it's fair game to become "baby boy's" domain.


HDMac said...

You did a FANTASTIC job!!!! :) :) I love crafting!!!

Susie said...

Awesome tackle!!