Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Dear son within me,
Mr. "I bump around so hard I literally make my mom's whole body move." At night, you make my stomach more entertaining than the tv. We can see arms and legs rolls across my skin. It's so amazing. I wonder if I'll feel the same way that I did after pushing Lynn out: "That baby actually came out of me?!" :) Nah, I'm gonna be like, "Give that baby to me already!"
We had our first non-stress test this week. You moved around quite well and your heart rate raised accordingly each time. Good boy! It was really interesting to see. Your heart rate fluctuated between the 130's and 140's. They gave me some diet soda to drink but you didn't need the caffeine to get you moving. I had to push a little button each time you moved to make a mark on the print out, then they could see if the fluctuations matched up with your movements. I was pushing that button a bunch! After only 15 minutes of monitoring, they had enough "proof" that you were doing well. (Praise God!) She even left us hooked up for an extra couple of minutes to have an extra tear off sheet to let me take home for your baby book. :) We will go back in on Friday to do this again. Hooray! I like all this extra stuff that allows me to get to know you a little better. It really is amazing, though, how they don't do nearly anything for a "typical" pregnancy. While I was pregnant with both Lynn and Nathan, I didn't get any of this spoiling treatment. It saddens me to know that we had to lose your brother just to be put in this "special" category. If there is another one after you, little man (and your sister insists that there must be a sister next), I will expect all this special treatment again, even though they might not find reason to give it to me.
As you move around even now (you must know it's just about dinner time & are getting excited), I praise God for how He has given you to us and how He is growing you each day!
I love you, little man.
Your Momma

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