Tuesday, September 22, 2009

first project, complete

Canada project finished and Lynn presents it today! My little girl will be getting up in front of the class to tell everyone about it - totally out of her comfort zone. (Say a prayer for my first grader today?) I'm so proud of her. She did 99% of it herself. Picking out pics, cutting them, arranging them, labeling them, gluing them, etc. I just did the "googling" for photo options, helped her come up with an outfit idea, and encouraged her.

The idea behind the project: "We are pretending that “Mr. Monkey” is going on 21 different vacations. He is coming back with pictures of the places he visited and he is dressing the part. Your child will need to cut pictures from magazines, print pictures from the internet, and/or use home vacation pictures if available to show Mr. Monkey’s travels. These pictures can be displayed by poster board, scrapbook page, or tri-fold board." (And then she gave some guidelines, which hopefully we hit on target. One of those was to dress Mr. Monkey native to the country he visited, you can see our outfit for him below).

(Mr. Monkey with a "pet" polar bear he picked up in Canada.)

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HDMac said...

Looks like she did a fantastic job! :) She is going to do GREAT today! Lifting her in my prayers!