Thursday, August 27, 2009

sugar, sugar, are you my friend?

Well, three needle pricks down, one more to go. The time is moving relatively fast, considering the medical building that I am waiting in has free wifi! Nothing like having nothing to do but catch up on my Reader and email :) God is so good, yall. I slept horribly all night, but I felt fine this morning not eating. After getting Lynn to school and finally to the lab, the sugar drink went down (not easily, per se, but down). I drank 10 oz (I think) of fluid containing 100g of sugar! Shew. It was kinda thick this time. Apparently the first test only has 50g of sugar, but they up it for the three hour test. The ladies in the lab are so kind and aside from the multiple stickings (which is never fun regardless), my body is holding up. Little man is liking the sugar and has been constantly bumping and thumping around. On an empty stomach, it's not too comfy, but I'm glad to know he's reacting accordingly to his "food" this morning. Results should be back tomorrow, so we'll see what the next step will be then!

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Dana Schmoyer said...

Glad it's going well for you! Hopefully the results will be good news!